Our wedding party

Meet some of the closest members of our chosen-family. We are so lucky to have been supported, and loved throughout the stages of our lives by these wonderful and crazy people. We would like to thank them by honoring them with a special place in our wedding.

Alex's attendants
  • Casey Elrod, Matron Of Honor
  • Brittany McCormick, Maid Of Honor
  • Nicole McNeal, Bridesmaid
  • Naimah Bahar, Bridesmaid
  • Nantale Nsibirwa, Bridesmaid
  • Sophia Lambertsen, Bridesmaid
  • Winnie Liu, Bridesmaid
  • Tahira Francis, Bridesmaid
Chip's attendants
  • Matthew Cherry, Best Man
  • Scott Miller, Groomsman
  • Tom Turner, Groomsman
  • Ryan Bell, Groomsman
  • Ryan Nye, Groomsman
  • Matthew Kyler, Groomsman
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